Monday, January 30, 2017

Another take on the immigration order & subsequent dustup

A Facebook friend (also a friend in the offline world) posted the following. It's a little different from any of the takes I've shared here so far, in that it enumerates a lengthy list of historical precedents. In that sense, it performs the valuable service of exposing the shrillness and emptiness of the outcry from the left:

(This is your trigger warning...don't say I didn't give you the cahnce to scroll away!)
Okay, okay, okay...enough is enough for f**k sake! 
Who has actually taken the time to read and understand what the hell is going on, instead of losing your collective minds about a so called "Muslim ban" handed down through Executive Order? 
Why are we not concerned with our own hard fought safety? Why aren't we not concerned with the blood bought sovereignty of our own Country? This is not the first time, and will not be the last time that this sort of thing happens...please take note of the party of those who have made these decisions in the past...
7 other times the US banned immigrants:
-President Chester A Arthur(R) -May 16,1882 via the Chinese Exclusion Act
-President Franklin D. Roosevelt(D) -World War II
As millions of people became refugees during World War II, US President Franklin D Roosevelt argued that refugees posed a serious threat to the country's national security. Drawing on fears that Nazi spies could be hiding among them, the country limited the number of German Jews who could be admitted to 26,000 annually. And it is estimated that for most of the Hitler era, less than 25 percent of that quota was actually filled.
-President Theodore Roosevelt(D) -March 3, 1903 via the Anarchist Exclusion Act
In 1903, the Anarchist Exclusion Act banned anarchists and others deemed to be political extremists from entering the US.
In 1901, President William McKinley had been fatally shot by Leon Czolgosz, an American anarchist who was the son of Polish immigrants.
The act - which was also known as the Immigration Act of 1903 - codified previous immigration law and, in addition to anarchists, added three other new classes of people who would be banned from entry: those with epilepsy, beggars and importers of prostitutes.
The act marked the first time that individuals were banned for their political beliefs.
-CONGRESS(Democrat Majority in BOTH houses) -August 23,1950 via the Internal Security Act of 1950
The Internal Security Act of 1950 - also known as the Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950 or the McCarran Act - made it possible to deport any immigrants believed to be members of the Communist Party. Members of communist organisations, which were required to register, were also not allowed to become citizens.
Truman opposed the law, stating that it "would make a mockery of our Bill of Rights".
Sections of the act were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1993. But some parts of the act still stand.
-President Jimmy Carter(D) -April 7, 1980 via sanctions
Following the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, during which the US embassy in Tehran was stormed and 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days, American President Jimmy Carter cut diplomatic relations with and imposed sanctions on Iran. He also banned Iranians from entering the country.
-President Ronald Reagan(R) -1987
Under President Ronald Reagan, the US Public Health Service added Aids to its list of "dangerous and contagious" diseases. Senator Jesse Helms' "Helms Amendment" added HIV to the exclusion list.
(B.H.Obama completed a process begun by G.W.Bush to lift the ban in 2009)
-President Barrack Hussein Obama(D) -2011 via State Department action
The Us Department of State confirmed that at the President's direction they stopped processing Iraqi Visa requests for 6 moths or more in 2011. 
Additionally the current travel ban is not a "Muslim Ban." Regardless of religion, people traveling from/through or have passports from the included countries will be detained at the borders for further vetting. 
According to a 2010 study and released January 2011, Islam has 1.5 billion adherents, making up over 22% of the world population. 
According to the Pew Research Center in 2015 there were 50 Muslim-majority countries. 
So I guess singling out 7 of the 50 countries that have been pumping out militants for more years than I have been alive is now somehow a "Muslim Ban?" When will stop marginalizing the issues and open our collective eyes and see it for what it is. OUR ULTIMATE SAFETY! No one protests the FAA, TSA or the airlines when the TSA gets a bit too grabby. No, everyone calls it a necessary action to keep everyone safe in the air...
So I now call BS! Call everyone a hypocrite! if we are throwing names around, let's play. 
This is NOT A PARTY ISSUE! This is NOT A RACE ISSUE! This is an issue with a shit load of people losing their damned minds over something that is perfectly legal, and historically done to PROTECT YOUR ASSES FROM THREATS YOU CAN'T SEE! Presidents on both sides have made these decisions! 
Take note that the tone an tenor is leading in the US the last 10 years is building up to a legitimate civil uprising and when you are forced to choose a side, I pray you are awake enough, informed enough, wise enough to make the right one! Either way, I will be our front defending your God given and Constitutionally GUARANTEED Rights to make the wrong one, most likely with one or more of the evil Satan spawned fire arms everyone wants banned so badly.

I can't see any holes in his argument. All the cases he cites seem like valid parallels to me.

(This is, of course, a separate issue from the ham-handedness with which the current ban was implemented.)

LITD readers, I'm sure he welcomes your comments.

I still think, however, that the John Hinderaker piece at Power Line to which I linked yesterday comes as close to the last word on the subject as anything I've come across.


  1. I am only concerned about precedent. There are three parties of Government, and over the years the Executive branch increasingly decides it acts alone.
    Seems the other branches are becoming the Presidents Court Jesters.

  2. Beginning the morning after the election, I called for the new Congress to be assertive and robust, to be proactive with its own agenda so as to be able to stand up to Squirrel-Hair.

    Said Congress so far gets about a b minus at that.