Saturday, October 1, 2016

Yet another reminder of the Most Equal Comrade's West-hatred

No doubt if pressed on the matter of wiping the word "Israel," which had followed the word "Jerusalem," out of the press release about the MEC's address at the Shimon Peres memorial service, the overlords will point to the US always having had its embassy in Tel Aviv.

Doesn't wash. The service took place at the national cemetery in West Jerusalem. That's because Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and had been for thousands of years.

Mount Herzl is in West Jerusalem and, as Bill Kristol noted, has been the national cemetery for Israel for over 60 years. It's Israel. It is the capital of Israel.
Obama and the rest of his anti-Israel cabal refuse to say so, and have long refused, on the thin premise that it "presupposes" the outcome of peace talks. As the Free Beacon reports, this is an especially offensive policy in light of the circumstance of this visit.
One senior congressional aide who works on Middle East issues told the Free Beacon that the White House’s actions are offensive and out of line, particularly in light of Peres’ recent death.
“For the White House proactively reject Jerusalem as the capital of Israel after President Obama’s remarks memorializing one of the state’s founders is beyond insulting,” the source said. 
They were in Israel's national cemetery in their capital city laying a former president to rest. That's what all those flags are about in that picture of you, Mr. President. That is Israel. If not there, then nowhere. 
Obama's White House is presupposing wiping them off the map.
The MEC clearly places a higher priority on cementing his legacy as He Who Ushered In The Age Of Unicorns And Rainbows.

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