Thursday, October 13, 2016

Facing where we are

I'm not even going to try to make comprehensive mention of everything that is on post-America's plate tonight. Wikileaks revelations about Clinton-Podesta contempt for Catholics and evangelicals. A Justice Department and FBI that are quite obviously being leaned on by a vicious power-mad political machine (that would be the Clintons). A People magazine correspondent who claims Squirrel-Hair shut a door behind them in a study during a tour of his Florida home, while a very pregnant Melania was upstairs changing outfits for a photo shoot, and pinned her to the wall and forcibly French-kissed her. The collapse of the "A"CA. Daily taunts and probes for weakness from Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and ISIS.

Right now, I want to talk about us - the citizens all these politicians whose career paths depend on what happens November 8 are ostensibly directing their messages to and are ostensibly concerned about.

Let this little observation from Neoneocon sink in for a bit:

The reaction of a lot of people is to wash their hands of it all and retreat to private concerns and private pleasures. Others plot some sort of rebellion. Some cling to hope.

There's not a one of us who claim the label of conservative - be they people like most National Review writers, pretty much all RedState writers, or your present blogger - or those who have to varying degrees signed on with Squirrel-Hair, from Newt Gingrich and Larry Kudlow to Mark Levin and Paul Ryan, only to have to publicly remark on how "small Trump" is "pathetic" (as opposed to some kind of "big Trump" that doesn't actually exist, no matter how Newt tries to convince himself) - and notice I'm not grouping with us those despicable figures who to this day claim the conservative mantle but were exuberant shills for S-H from the moment he descended the escalator - who isn't horrified and skirting the edges of unprecedented despair.

And what of the Left, all the Social Justice Warriors, the climate jackboots, the stokers of race tension, the gender-obliterators, the redistributionists? They may be militant haters of freedom and the body of values that is the distillation of the West's traditions, but they are, like all the rest of us, the product of a very comfortable American upbringing. Are they really prepared for the fruits of their vision?

Back to the despicable figures referenced above, no matter how furiously Laura Ingraham tweets about how America's fate is on the line, the electoral map three weeks out is overwhelmingly in Madame BleachBit's favor.

That means that there is an over 90 percent probability that we are in for a deepening of the totalitarian Alinskyite hell we have been living through for eight years.

What indeed does a freedom-, God-, decency- and dignity-loving individual do?

May I suggest repentance as a first step?

As much as the swirl of events compels us to stay focused on the macro level of what is transpiring, it seems to me that the time for taking personal inventory is upon us.

Do my daily choices, actions and attitudes further the Kingdom, or do they merely add to the raw screech of our present cacophony?

It's a tough exercise to undertake, but as we're finding out, life rarely goes smoothly for extended periods of time.


  1. The jews just wrapped-up Yom Kippur, the Catholics have their sacrament of Reconciliation (fka Penance), the Muslims have their The Day of 'Arafah (Arabic: يوم عرفة) which is the holiest day in Islam that falls on the 9th day of Dhul Hijja (ذو الحجة) of the lunar Islamic Calendar. There are plenty of forums, just a perceived paucity of penitants I guess. Unfortunately, this is an inside call and an inside job to even get to where the need for same is actually a first thing that should come first for the faithful. 4% of us are said to sociopaths (who it has been found make great and greedy CEOS) which works out to nearly 15 million amongst us here in God's country for whom repentance is not to be found anywhere in their bag of tricks.


  2. "Paucity of Penitents" - I have found my book title. Thanks.

  3. A blockbuster jeremiad from Ezekial Quick, out soon! Until then, run down to the local cineplex to see The Good Catholic (filmed in beautiful downtown Bloomington) starring Danny Glover and John McGinley.

  4. One of my Uber riders a coulee of months ago told me something was being filmed in town. Apparently some of the crew and maybe even actors were staying at the Grant Street Inn, which he managed.

  5. Can you cut me in for that title tip if it makes it big? Jehovah has worked wider wonders.

  6. You have to promise to vote for Evan McMullen.

  7. The Utah spoiler, eh? Never Trump!