Sunday, October 30, 2016

Of plausible explanations and rank demagoguery

David French at NRO articulates the tortured denial of what has transpired so far that is behind the Left's sudden impulse to turn on Comey:

The Clinton campaign is on the attack — and so is virtually every lefty pundit, writer, and activist in America. Comey’s interfering in the election. Comey is irresponsible. Comey is losing his mind. Comey is partisan. Let’s be clear, they’re all saying this without any knowledge at all regarding the content of the emails in question.

To simply assume that they’re no big deal means assuming that a man with a reputation as a straight shooter, but who previously bent over backwards (including applying a made-up legal standard to the facts) to recommend against prosecuting Hillary Clinton, has now suddenly changed his nature and his priorities and is now bending over backwards to try to cripple her before an election — without any meaningful legal foundation.

While anything is possible, this scenario strikes me as most unlikely — and inconsistent with the man’s reputation and past practice. The more likely scenario is that the FBI uncovered emails that raised sufficient alarm to put Comey in a seemingly impossible position. Wait until after the election to disclose this additional investigatory work, and you risk being seen as deliberately withholding material information to assist Hillary Clinton — especially since the additional work was taking place before election day. Disclose, and he faces exactly the firestorm he faces today. At least disclosure reflects the reality as it exists today. 
Indeed. This is a guy who earned the disgust of legions of agents in his own bureau in July when, after an eighteen-minute litany off Madame BleachBit's criminal behavior, ended his press statement by declining to recommend that the DoJ indict her. Are we really to believe he has all along, or even just recently, been a shill for some sort of nefarious right-of-center forces? Doesn't wash.


  1. As of this writing he does not even have a subpoena. I know he was nominated by Obama, but is it true the letter he sent went out only to Republican committee chairs?

  2. Let's roll anyhow, she isn't going to drop out and your ilk will have to keep trying to take this all the way to trial and conviction. This and all the other suppositions you've been blathering about. See ya in Court I hope I can say, because only Hillie can decide. Let's roll, all you armchair juries.

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  4. For an entire year, they managed to quietly, but diligently investigate the sensitive matters surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails which they ultimately concluded, “were not a cliff-hanger” because there was literally no there, there.

    These events show precisely why the FBI does not ordinarily publicly release the results or targets of their investigations until charges are filed.

    These memos have set off a chain off events sure to end with the termination of Comey’s tenure as head of the agency.