Friday, October 7, 2016

The "A"CA is a perfect example of the contempt Democrats have for the post-American cattle-masses

Last night, on her FNC television show, Megyn Kelly grilled Ezekiel Emmanuel - who is surely running in some kind of contest for Post-American Who Hates Freedom The Most - about the abject failure of the "A"CA.

When the subject turned to premium hikes, he had this to a say: "on average, we do not have higher than 15% increases in the premiums."

Notice he said nothing about areas in which premiums stayed the same, let alone where they decreased.

But it was when they turned to "risk corridors," which is pseudo-wonk-speak for the damn government taking up the slack when insurance companies couldn't cover costs - never mind make a profit - from covering the sick people the damn government made them cover.

Emmanuel ranted about Republicans being responsible for the "A"CA's current dismal state and when pressed for specifics, cited Marco Rubio's elimination of "some of the risk adjustment that actually buffered and helped the insurance companies in this situation."

You think we're so stupid we don't have a clue, or know you know what the del is, you SOB?

According to The New York Times, during the insurance exchange's first year, "losses were so steep that insurance-company requests for risk corridor payments were $2.9 billion."
Of course, any and all government money ultimately comes from taxpayers, so any and all cost covering measures taken to prop up the ACA would be removed from the pockets of working Americans. However, since many of the so-called risk corridors were eliminated, Americans are seeing hikes on the other end of the spectrum--their insurance premiums.
When all is said and done, the money necessary to maintain the bloated behemoth that is the ACA is coming from the exact same place, it's simply taking different avenues. Emanuel can blame Republicans all he wants, but he knows very well that regardless of the means by which the money is acquired, it's all coming from the American taxpayer. 
Confirming what Jonathan Gruber let us know what our overlords think of us.

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