Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday morning roundup

Important piece at The Federalist by David Harsanyi on how the recent denial by UNESCO of the Jewish faith's connection to the Temple Mount and Western Wall is of a piece with the UN's general anti-West core impetus.

With all that's currently going on in this elections cycle, such as poll numbers that ought to have Squirrel-Hair deeply concerned, not to mention all that's going on in the world generally, S-H thinks he and Madame BleachBit ought to take drug tests before the next debate.

Great NRO piece by Nicole Gelinas on how wage stagnation is merely the free market's natural and efficient response to government policy on matters such as immigration.

Interesting take by Kyle Smith at Acculturated on Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. Contrary to most assessments, even in right-of-center outlets, he thinks it was a bad idea.

And an article at ABC News entitled "Seven Ways Russia Is Telling People To Prepare For War."


  1. How much Seamus Heaney (Nobel, 1995) have you read? If you read that leftist rag the New Yorker, you've read a lot. Oh, leftist, no, a poet. A true one. Couldn't write a note. I dunno if Dylan deserved it for literature either, but readers of poetry these days are like, not many. Not many at all. Still, I don't think it's another indicator of how late in the day some think it to be. People still write it. A lot. It's all over the internet.

  2. How much of that writing is worth a diddly?

  3. How much do you know about any of them? Ever read any Isaac B Singer?