Sunday, September 6, 2015

Turning society into a looney bin in order to placate transgendered people

Getting the kiddies started early in the Bay Area:

I really didn’t think it was going to happen this fast when I predicted last week that schools were going to need all new bathrooms soon to accommodate “transgender children.” That case involved a Missouri high school senior who triggered a large protest when he insisted on changing in the girls’ locker room. I clearly failed to anticipate just how quickly the SJW forces can move because one school district in the San Francisco area is already on top of the problem. They’re going to entirely unisex bathrooms to avoid insulting any “differently gendered” students, by golly, and they’re starting with the elementary school. (Yahoo News)
Out of 365 students, about six to eight kids at Miraloma Elementary don’t adhere to the traditional gender binary—and that makes potty time fraught with anxiety-inducing decisions.
In order to make using the restroom a carefree process for every student, the San Francisco school has started getting rid of gendered bathrooms, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.
So far, the single-stall bathrooms for kindergartners and first graders—which are located within the classroom—are gender neutral. The school plans to phase in bathrooms used by older students over the next few years, including restrooms with multiple stalls.
And, as if freedom-Hater-care wasn't making health insurance premiums skyrocket enough already there's this new burden:

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced a planned new regulation Thursday that will require health insurers participating in Obamacare to cover more health procedures sought by the transgendered.
The new rule applies to every health insurer offering plans through or any of the state-run Obamacare insurance exchanges. It declares that insurers are prohibited from engaging in discrimination not only on the basis of sex, but also on the basis of gender identity.
In the past, several health insurance plans have categorically excluded health care related to transitioning between genders, often on the grounds that such procedures are often cosmetic, not medically necessary, and elective in nature. Now, such categorical bans will be disallowed, and insurers will have to cover many of the procedures.

We were mocked for speaking of slippery slopes when we first countered the push for homosexual "marriage." Then the Boy Scouts of America acquiesced on the matter of gay troop leaders. Then came Bruce Jenner's Vogue cover. Then came the six-gender choice on UC Irvine's application form.

We're not just an unserious nation. We are an infantile nation, an insane nation, a nation begging for damnation.

It is so very late in the day.

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