Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How the nutrition jackboots co-opted the food companies

Worked with the health-insurance companies, so why wouldn't food makers conclude that letting Leviathan tell them what products to make and how to make them was where the gravy is?

The crap gets thrown out, but the companies get paid first, so, hey, who's complaining?

Some of the companies victimized by Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch guidelines have “quietly backed away” from their opposition to the regulations, reports Politico.  The reason? They’ve “done a bang up business since the requirements took effect by adapting their products for the $10 billion market.
What kind of market are we talking about? It’s certainly not a free market, as schools are forced to serve products that conform to government “nutritional guidelines” and to purchase products from companies that are forced to make them. So yes, businesses do well when the government forces entities to purchase their products.
Some of the revamped recipes include “whole-grain rich Pillsbury breakfast cinnamon rolls, reduced-sodium Schwan’s Big Daddy’s pizza and reduced-fat Doritos.
There is an interest among some groups in looking into "high costs and increased plate waste."

Hey, why mess with a model with so many satisfied stakeholders? The companies make out nicely, Mrs. Food Desert consolidates her power, and her useful idiots get to congratulate themselves on their good intentions.

There is the kids themselves, but when did a totalitarian regime ever actually worry about the masses on whom its programs are inflicted?

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