Monday, January 23, 2012

Yikes - today's edition

The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln passed through the Strait of Hormuz and entered the Persian Gulf without incident, which makes Iranian army chief Atoallah Salehi's threat-laced edict about US ships coming back to the strait look a little empty.


Now that the EU has voted for an oil embargo, a senior Iranian official says that Iran will "definitely" close the strait. The brigadier general of the Revolutionary Guard says that Iran is "well prepeared" for "asymmetrical warfare."

Three broad scenarios present themselves now:
1.) It all comes to nought and the focus goes back to Iranian nuclear cat-and-mouse.

2.) There is a brief period of apocalyptic tension, but the situation is defused before anything history-changing occurs.

3.) What everyone has imagined, at least for a few seconds before putting it out of their minds, comes to pass.


  1. Puts your 19th nervous posting about patty cake the other day to the test though, doesn't it, oh preemptive-strike happy bloggie? Which scenario doth thou prefer? Surely not a peaceful solution which of course you don't believe exists.

  2. Let's remember that Iran under the regime it's had for 33 years is our enemy and wants to see the West destroyed. In short, there's no living with it indefinitely.

  3. Why not? Russia has been our enemy for over twice as long. And they have had nuclear capability for almost as long as we have. You know, you lived it. You are simply a scary hawk. We have seen the result of relatively recent preemptivity. All out world war should be avoided at all costs. Keep making excuses for pissing on their dead though and a host of other fear based rationalizations. Andwhat is this about decrying what you call socialism and worse here while you are willing to go to the brink and beyond in defense of a much more socialistic country than ours, claiming it is in defense of western civilization itself?

  4. Russia was our enemy when it was a republic of the Soviet Union. Since then, it has been our adversary, a state with interests quite different from ours and willing to do business with our enemies, but not one determined to end our nation's existence.
    But even when it was our enemy, it was led by fairly rational actors. The ideology driving Iran is utterly mad in a way that Communism is not. In short, Iran will use a nuclear weapon once it has one.
    I presume you're talking about Israel when you mention a "more socialistic" country. Yes, there are a lot of leftists in Israeli public life and politics, but it is far from socialistic. Plus, it is the seat of where God revealed to our species his nature and his love for us.

  5. Just goes to show you how our former bitter enemies can become mere adversaries. We know about Iran's nuclear program and are strategizing towards eliminating it, of course not fast enough or demonstrably enough for you. If you accept that the Pope in Rome is the Vicar of Christ check out his views on just wars. Santorum is arguably found lacking. Go forth to love and serve the world...