Friday, January 6, 2012

Individual people are so much more interesting than demographic categories

Big hat tip to Legal Insurrection for bringing this to my attention. There's a lady in Utah running for Congress named Mia Love who has a very interesting bio. Cetainly, there are the obviously noteworthy factors, such as the fact that she's the daughter of Haitian immigrants (that would make her black, for those who pay attention to such things), but what struck me most was the fact that her degree is in fine arts and that she's an accomplished singer and dancer. As a jazz / blues guitarist and freelance writer, I love to hear about "creative types" who have their heads on straight when it comes to ideology. While my own experience bears out the stats about the arts world being overwhelmingly lefty, I'm starting to think maybe there's a significant swath of that world that flies under the radar.

After all, as Mark Steyn, David Mamet and others have said, turning this thing around starts with the culture. All the wonky policy stuff follows once we're no longer living in a sewer.

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