Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sorry, but I'm busy that day

So the community college where I'm adjunct faculty is hosting a free-and-open-to-the-public lunchtime event on MLK Day which will consist of people forming small groups called "diversity circles." The objectives are to "identify areas of mutual agreement and develop shared understandings" and "generat[e] conversations about overcoming stereotypes, intolerance, racism, and prejudice as well as for building stronger, more inclusive communities.”

The press release quotes a "local expert on diversity circles" as saying there is no intent to arrive at a consensus, but rather to "uncover areas of mutual agreement or common concern.”

This is totalitarianism's smiley face on full display. Come on in! Have a seat! We're "inclusive" here! Freedom-haters have become quite adept over the last few decades at presenting their agenda in such a way that any objection looks like heartlessness and bigotry. Against free school meals? You want to see children starve! Against appeasing rogue states? You want to see villages bombed! Against CAFE standards and subsidized solar panels (and carbon taxes on airlines - see post below)? You want to foul the air and water and heat up the "planet"! And now it's time to have the notion of a "welcoming community" thrust in our faces.

Who the hell is not welcoming and inclusive? All these young engineers being brought to town by the multinational corporation headquartered here - do they have a problem with each other? Does anybody else have a problem with them? Of course not. And how about basic racial bigotry? When was the last reported incident of that around here? Maybe 1968?

Ah, but some people come right out and express concern about things like the encroachment of sharia law, or the attempt to change the definitions of the terms "marriage" and "family," or giving a pass to people who enter the United States illegally and set up residence here. People with such backward notions need to be straightened out, clearly.

No consensus, my tail end. The readily discernible consensus is that Chistian teaching, concern for national security, and the assertion that there are some definite cultural pillars in our society that must be preserved if Western civilization is to survive are dangerous notions.

This is the nicey-nice side of the same mindset that brought us "hate crimes." It is the leviathan state's attempt to get inside the heads of free and sovereign citizens and parse their motives and their habits of thought.

Can you imagine how gooey and embarrassing participation in a "diversity circle" would be? All these pious, feelings-oriented deniers of their own human nature trying to out-include each other, trying to fabricate distances between themselves and their neighbors and associates just to have something to discuss during the tedious hour and a half.

As I say, I'm adjunct, so except when I stop by campus to check my cubby hole in the faculty mailroom, I'm generally only there on the evenings that my class convenes. It's sometimes easy to forget that my school is an instution in good standing in the post-American indoctrination machine.

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