Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why we call them jackboots - today's edition

How advanced is the rot? This advanced:

black activist group at the University of California-Santa Cruz is threatening administrators with more uprisings unless specific, and very expensive, demands are met.
So far, the activist group has taken over a campus building, in what it calls a “reclamation,” with its first set of demands and have promised more if additional demands aren’t met.
The College Fix explains:
After three days of occupation by students of Kerr Hall, Chancellor George Blumenthal agreed to give all black and Caribbean-identified students a 4-year housing guarantee to live in the Rosa Parks African American Themed House; bring back the building’s lounge; paint its exterior the “Pan-Afrikan colors” of red, green and black; and force all new incoming students to go through a mandatory diversity competency training.
Blumenthal said in a memo that campus leaders and the black activists, known as the Afrikan Black Coalition, “fundamentally agree[d]” on those stipulations. But now, the group has demanded the university purchase more property “to serve as a low income housing cooperative for historically disadvantaged students,” $100,000 for the SOMeCa student organization which pushes diversity and civic engagement, and the creation of a Black Studies department or a Black Studies Minor or Major, notes The Fix.
To accentuate these demands, the activists are using a quote from a former Black Panther Party member and convicted murderer, Assata Shakur:
“It is our duty to fight for our freedom; It is our duty to win; We must love each other and support each other; We have nothing to lose but our chains.”
If the demands are not met by the fall of 2017, the group threatens to occupy more buildings. However, the activists prefer using the term “reclaim” because “occupy” is tied to the “white-centric” Occupy Movement:
“We are pushing back against the language of ‘occupation’ in recognition of the largely white-centric and fairly recent ‘Occupy Movement.’ We are pushing back against the language of ‘occupation’ in recognition of the very real settler occupations that are hxstorical [sic] and ongoing, such as the European colonization and occupation of ‘The Americas,’ as well as the current context of occupation in Palestine.”
And those are the real racists and anti-Semites on campus.
"Disadvantaged" my tail end. All you have to do is turn on the thuggery and the elites of the world beg you to humiliate and subjugate them.

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