Tuesday, May 16, 2017

This latest bombshell - or whatever it is - brings out all the Trump-era players faithfully reading from their entirely predictable scripts

Jim Jamitis at RedState reports on how the camps are already lining up with cliched talking points at the ready.

For the water-carriers, we have Ingraham and Hannity, both trotting out the phrase "fake news."

For the blind-with-rage Left, we have Robert Reich, who sees a "constitutional crisis."

This is Pavlovian operant conditioning at its most refined.

And you can notice something interesting going on: neither of these camps has a modus operandi anchored in a set of core principles that it is assured are immutable. Leftists talking about "fairness" and "equity" and rant against bigotry and heartlessness, and DJT's slavish devotees touting "greatness" and ranting against "globalists" and some kind of "elite" or "establishment" are basically winging it. Neither side refers back to a guiding code that allows them to take a deep breath and wait for an adequate supply of facts in a situation like this.

I invite them all to have a conversion experience and become conservatives! Much better for your blood pressure when Trump does something clumsy - which is often - and the leftist media machine screams "crisis!" The free market is still available to be applied. Ditto Judeo-Christian morality. Rogue elements on the world stage still need to be dealt with resolutely.

I won't be surprised no matter how this turns out, given that everyone involved has behaved as one would expect. These are people we're talking about, not principles - which means that nothing I hold dear is at stake.


  1. These are people we're talking about, not principles - which means that nothing I hold dear is at stake.

    Maybe I unclear what is meant by this, out of context it sounds frightening. The goal here would be the principles?
    The reality I see is as always flawed peoples with lofty idealism creating our messy democracy. Sorry borrowed that from John Adams.

  2. The principles are immutable. If a given person or set of persons espouses certain of these principles and subsequently proves to be hopelessly incompetent at upholding them, or maybe even a flagrant hypocrite, no harm is done to the principles involved.

  3. Agreed true principals are immutable. Lofty goal, unachievable,though if I aspire to less than I am a fool. "We three fools need a fourth to make a set"
    You are right principals are the only measurement we have as a standard. I then ask myself do I mean well or do mean never the less.