Friday, May 26, 2017

Two new tales from the campus-jackboot files

Racial hatred at Hunter College:

American colleges and universities, and the Leftists who dominate them, are blind to their own bigotry and hypocrisy.
If a school offered a class titled "The Problems of Blackness," academia -- and everyone else -- would be outraged, and for good reason. That class material would be racist as hell. Yet change it to "The Problems of Whiteness," and you have a course that would be applauded for speaking openly about race.
Of course, I'm sugarcoating it. The modern Left isn't into simply discussing their hate anymore.
The class in question sounds like it's moved far beyond "speaking openly" to outright advocating for genocide, as it's actually called "The ABOLITION of Whiteness":
The course, taught by Women and Gender Studies Professor Jennifer Gaboury, is cross-listed for both her department and the Political Science Department, where it  fulfills one of four required courses in the “4 subfields of political science” under the umbrella of POLSC 204: Contemporary Issues in Political Theory.
While the school’s official course catalog discloses very little about what is actually discussed in the course, a flyer advertising a previous iteration of the class from the fall of 2016 describes it as “an overview of whiteness studies in the United States,” specifically “focusing on concepts of consciousness, in/visibility, disavowal, and resentment.”
“We’ll be examining how whiteness -- and/or white supremacy and violence -- is intertwined with conceptions of gender, race, sexuality, class, body ability, nationality, and age,” the description continues, adding that “a petition for this course is on file with the College Senate so that it fulfills Pluralism and Diversity Parts B, C, or D,” referring to mandatory courses that focus, respectively, on “the historical conditions, perspectives and/or intellectual traditions” of ethnic minorities in the U.S., women and those with non-traditional sexual orientations, and Europeans.

While the description of the class implies the usual racist bunk that white people are inherently evil, sitting on top of the heap, looking down at everyone around them, the biggest issue may just be that title. Gaboury, who is white, doesn't seem to understand that "abolishing" whiteness is going to involve, you know, genocide.
Yale confers accolades on a foul-mouthed, unhinged little snowflake and a self-styled brownshirt:

Our story begins in the fall of 2015, when a mob of students surrounded professor Nicholas Christakis in the courtyard of Silliman, the residential college of which he used to be Master, a term used to describe head faculty members who oversee undergraduate life (more on this later). Christakis, a world-renowned sociologist and scientist, was there to answer complaints about an email sent by his wife, Erika, in response to a campus-wide message distributed by a Yale College dean of “student engagement,” Burgwell Howard, warning students away from wearing Halloween costumes that “threaten our sense of community.” For her mere suggestion that Yale undergraduates—adults who can legally vote and fight and die in the nation’s wars—be entrusted with the responsibility to choose their own Halloween costumes (and, furthermore, be entrusted to share whatever discomfort they may have about potentially “offensive” costumes with their peers, rather than encouraged to whine to overpaid, utterly superfluous, administrative busybodies), Erika Christakis was denounced by hundreds of Yale students, faculty, alumni, and countless off-campus agitators as an incorrigible bigot and “white supremacist” whose job should be taken from her.
But Nicholas Christakis was doing more than just defending the honor of his wife that afternoon in the Silliman courtyard. As video of the several hours-long ordeal revealed, Christakis was defending the most fundamental principle of higher education: that the university should serve as a place of free inquiry where individuals can respectfully engage with one another in the pursuit of knowledge.
At least, that’s what places like Yale claim to stand for. Not anymore.
Of the 100 or so students who confronted Christakis that day, a young woman who called him “disgusting” and shouted “who the fuck hired you?” before storming off in tears became the most infamous, thanks to an 81-second YouTube clip that went viral. (The video also—thanks to its promotion by various right-wing websites—brought this student a torrent of anonymous harassment). The videos that Tablet exclusively posted last year, which showed a further 25 minutes of what was ultimately an hours-long confrontation, depicted a procession of students berating Christakis. In one clip, a male student strides up to Christakis and, standing mere inches from his face, orders the professor to “look at me.” Assuming this position of physical intimidation, the student then proceeds to declare that Christakis is incapable of understanding what he and his classmates are feeling because Christakis is white, and, ipso facto, cannot be a victim of racism. In another clip, a female student accuses Christakis of “strip[ping] people of their humanity” and “creat[ing] a space for violence to happen,” a line later mocked in an episode of The Simpsons. In the videos, Howard, the dean who wrote the costume provisions, can be seen lurking along the periphery of the mob.
Of Yale’s graduating class, it was these two students whom the Nakanishi Prize selection committee deemed most deserving of a prize for “enhancing race and/or ethnic relations” on campus. Hectoring bullies quick to throw baseless accusations of racism or worse; cosseted brats unscrupulous in their determination to smear the reputations of good people, these individuals in actuality represent the antithesis of everything this award is intended to honor. Yet, in the citation that was read to all the graduating seniors and their families on Class Day, Yale praised the latter student as “a fierce truthteller.”
This, for a hysterical liar who accused one of the university’s most distinguished academic minds of inciting “violence” upon his own students. And the chair of the selection committee? Burgwell Howard.
It's very late in the day in post-America.


  1. Sounds like an easy A. One word: robotics, my dear bloggie. Gonna bring 15 Million new jobs over 10 years; kill 25 Mil over the same time period. STEM it out! And keep hope alive! Yet you're likely to cry that it's not the 1950s here any more.

  2. And, no, I'm no more complicit in the left's tactics now than I was 50 years ago. Not real hot on the military now, as then, either. Live and let live. Short of that, kill the MF'n bastards!

  3. I don't see what robotics has to do with the campus left's ever more totalitarian tactics.

  4. We are all adrift. Robotics is contributing to the hopelessness and perceived scarcity that we're all fighting over and for. The military will clamp it down, ultimately, at least there's jobs there too, for now. Jesus Save Us!

  5. The comments here have everything to do with what you continually carp about here--so very late in the day. Except you think you have the answers. You were born in the Waste Land and you will die in it and you know it, but can't be blamed for carping. No, not at all....

    A heap of broken images, where the sun beats,
    And the dead tree gives no shelter, the cricket no relief,
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    And I will show you something different from either
    Your shadow at morning striding behind you
    Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
    I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”
    ― T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land

  6. I still don't see how the comments relate to the actual topic of this post.

  7. It's been late in the day, so let another wave of trash wash up upon the shore and stay tuned for some more, that's all. Like your conservatism can make it a new dawn.


  8. Unhinged little snowflake and a self-styled brown shirt.
    That is a great title for something. I am not sure what phylum to select.... the crickets, or carps, carps are beautiful but crickets sound great.
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  9. The ruination of the higher learning in the West.