Monday, May 22, 2017

Socialism: that exquisite nexus of tyranny and idiocy

Market forces will always eventually dictate any economic action, as the overlords of Berkeley are realizing, and attempting to ameliorate with a dose of ham-handed tyranny over the city's property owners. And of course said property owners will use the means at their disposal to attempt to prevent any loss, which means those renting from them will come at least closer to paying the actual market rate for their apartments.

Berkeley never fails to live up to its reputation as a bastion of progressive nonsense and lunacy. This is the place, after all, that thinks the best way to deal with the anarchists who’ve been rampaging across UC-Berkeley’s campus is through Play Doh, bubbles, and talking. Mkay. Wood shampoos would probably be more effective.
The Berkeley Town Council is now considering leveling a one-time $10,000 fee (plus a $450 annual fee) on apartment buildings offering below market rate (a.k.a., affordable housing to lower and middle income families) housing options. The fees would be paid by the landlord who would, of course, then turn around and raise rates on the “affordable housing.”
As reported by, these new fees would go toward paying for additional government resources to oversee, among other things, how much property managers charge their tenants. So, landlords will either have to eat the costs of the new five-figure fee or risk getting in trouble with the Berkeley Town Council for raising rents to cover the new government fee. The circular stupidity is mind boggling.
Please pass the Play Doh. 

And thus does a situation come full-circle - from do-gooder alarm at a perfectly natural state of affairs, through the imposition of "equality," to the need for ever-more "government resources" to keep up the illusion of "equality," to the eventual leveling-out of price and demand - back to the natural state in which normal people buy and sell goods and services.

We have a lot of little Venezuelas here in post-America that we can use as warnings not to go down that road on any larger scale.

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  1. As a past Landlord here in the sunny swamp of Florida it was stunning that in one year investment property taxes were raised several hundred percent. These taxes were for the payment several times (five fold) over for school taxes, fire and sewage of an individual tax. Looking around I thought ... I am still an individual, I did not adopt my tenants why am I now their property tax care taker?