Thursday, July 5, 2012

The model of a doctor being a supplier of a service to a consumer is so yesterday - kind of like the notion of a United States of America

One level on which conservatism can be demonstrated to be true, right and good is that on which its simplicity is apparent.  It is rooted in what can actually be observed and experienced.  It doesn't doll up its core tenets with nuance or special circumstances.

The current battle over health-care policy is a great example.  Along with the destruction of our country and the increased cost to me personally, one reason I hate FHer-care is the yet more complexity it will add to a system that is already downright bewildering.  It's a good thing my wife and I are basically healthy.  Especially her.  She is now eligible for Medicare, and I have no idea what all the different Schedule Thises and Schedule Thats and supplemental coverage and doughnut holes mean.  We're used to going to the doctor to have things fixed and either paying on the spot or setting up a payment plan.

If you get sick in America, be prepared to deal with a towering citadel of paperwork.

Daniel Henninger at the WSJ says that this is also the case if you are a doctor.  Those who slog through the process of getting their credentials and enter the field of medicine expecting to spend most of their time looking actual patients in the eye and consulting with them on actually caring for their health are going to be quickly disillusioned.  And many of them will say - are saying -  "the hell with it," and leave for other lines of work.

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