Friday, June 15, 2012

We can't say we weren't warned

After all, the MEC has been telegraphing for some time now that he wasn't going to wait for Congress to legislatively encact policies he wants to implement - and we were to read "even if it means circumventing the Constitution" into his message.

So while it's outrageous and possibly illegal, it's not surprising that he is going to stop enforcing deportation laws in the cases of certain illegal aliens, a la the DREAM Act that Congress has repeatedly voted down, amounting to some 80,000 of them.  He had to do something to try to calm at least part of his base on the Friday of another very bad week.


  1. Caesar Obammus just announced his plans to stop deporting younger illegal immigrants and issue them work permits. You can read about the particulars here. Here’s Neal initial reaction to the announcement. He’ll likely ruffle some conservative feathers with this one. Neal says that Romney ought to come out today and congratulate Obama on this move.


  2. Took a while to get to his gist, what, per my post on Neal a few days ago, with all the dead air and repeating himself, but his point is salient: Pubs sit on their hands on matters that eventually lead to policy crises. They don't call it the stupid paty for nothing.