Thursday, June 7, 2012

The MEC can't be bothered with commemorating D-Day in real time . . .

 . . . so he posts an old speech on his website and heads off to a gala event in Beverly Hills with a roomful of narcissistic moral monsters who relish the thought of demolishing thousand of years of societal convention and eternal holy decree.

By the way, re: the whole question of whether he meant "go all the way down" as a double entendre or is completely innocent of any such charge, the fact is that the audience took it that way.  This is a crowd that thinks it's hip to have a President who publicly engages in such humor.


  1. Love the perverts, hate the perversion(s)? What perversions? Inquiring onanists need to know. How do they perv them Please count the ways. Dost thou have an oven to consign them to?

  2. When did your disregard for Western culture take over your worldview?

  3. Answer my question first, please, if you will, or am I being too contrary, otherwise, perhaps, if you will, admit you made a poor word choice there: What perversions? I don't disregard Western culture, I value it very highly. But let them come, let them come to see its greatness. Just asking what perversions? I thought we jettisoned a lot of that talk back in the late 60s. Is it anal sex between two men, oral between two women, any oral at all? Are some involved with animals? Just what perversions? Can you name the perverts? Then i can research their perversions.

  4. Let's play Name Their Perversions, I got hold of a partial guest list, so I named the perverts, name their perversions, if you will. By the way, the ovens were part of Western culture not too long ago, weren't they, or perhaps a perversion of same:

    "Glee" star Darrin Criss, along with Ellen DeGeneres, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Peter Roth, CEO of Warner Bros. Television; Dana Perlman, co-chair of the LGBT Leadership Council; Chad Griffin, incoming president of the Human Rights Campaign and "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Cher, Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon, "Glee" actress Jane Lynch, Banana Republic/Gap Inc. president Jack Calhoun, and HBO executive Michael Lombardo

  5. Why don't I google each name/pervert and see what comes up?

    Nigger Loving Perverts Host Obama Fundraiser

    Posted on June 7, 2012 by yourniggerpresident

    I don’t need to say anything more than that title! That monstrous Elen Degenerate and some fag named Darren Criss I never heard of, hosts a nigger loving fundraiser. And of course it’s highly newsworthy for this segment of the the nigger loving news!

    President Barack Obama heads to the West Coast on Wednesday to attend a gay fundraiser in Beverly Hills which will include a performance by Glee co-star Darren Criss and the speakers will include talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. It is the third LGBT-organized fundraiser for Obama this year. An event organized in April by the Obama for America LGBT Leadership Council held in Florida raised $125,000 from 50 supporters. And shortly after he announced his support for gay marriage, the president attended an event in New York hosted by singer Ricky Martin, the Futuro Fund and the LGBT Leadership Council where he raised an estimated $1 million.

  6. Tittilating one here on perversion by association for Villaraigosa:

  7. Check the post and see that I've replaced the word "pervert" after having thought the better of it.

    Not that it was really off-base, though. The rectum was designed by nature to be a sewer for the body, the means by which waste is removed.