Tuesday, January 1, 2019

And this is how one of the oldest and most prominent television networks covered the approach of midnight on December 31, 2018

The network of Lowell Thomas, John Cameron Swayze and David Brinkley has come to this:

NBC has been slammed for its New Year's Eve coverage in New York's Times Square with angry viewers describing it as a 'train-wreck' after the network failed to show the entire countdown and aired Chrissy Teigen talking about vaginal steaming. 
Baffled viewers flooded Twitter with complaints about NBC's coverage and its hosts as the countdown unfolded on Monday night. 
Some called the network's coverage a 'complete disaster' and others suggested it was the 'worst New Year's Show ever'.
Many complained about NBC failing to broadcast a countdown clock or the ball drop in Time's Square.

'NBC when did hosta become more of a focal point than the ball drop? Better luck in 2020? #fail #NewYearsEve2019.
'We tuned in to see the ball drop. Explain where the hell THAT was,' another Twitter user complained.

For those of you that didn't watch @nbc coverage of the 'ball drop'... they didn't show the ball or a countdown clock, but we did get this lovely gem of @Lesdoggg tried to take out @chrissyteigen with an umbrella.'

Viewers also took aim at one of the hosts, Chrissy Teigen, after she briefly explained vaginal steaming to co-host Carson Daly about 15 minutes before midnight. 
'Watching NBC with my 12 year old 20 min before the ball drops and Chrissy Teigen starts talking about vaginal steaming. Really?! The host of NYE... vaginal steaming? Come on... have a little CLASS. Too many families watching honey. Not cute,' a Twitter user said.   

Hoo, boy. So much for getting any kind of respite from the cultural rot. 2019 is gonna be quite a ride.

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