Thursday, March 30, 2017

Squirrel-Hair-bots, we implored, cajoled and did some yelling, but you insisted on this mess

I am not sure I know how to adequately convey my disgust and contempt not only for the author of the tweet that said

The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team & fast. We must fight them & Dems in 2018!
but his slavishly devoted water-carriers as well. My first inclination is to tell them to rot in Hell, but that's not very Christian, so I'll try to come up with a more elevated response.

In the meantime, I'll share the cogent take of a fellow blogger.

Pat Nicklaus at Caffeinated Thoughts:

I’d like to ask his supporters…”What’s you’re line in the sand?  What line can Mr. Trump not cross, that would cause you to hold him accountable?”  Many of you said that you were going to “hold your nose and vote for him, but still hold him accountable”.  The rest of us are waiting for you to do just that.
He fired a round to your chest when he stated that “Planned Parenthood does great things”.
He fired a round to your chest when he left Obama’s DACA EO in place.
He fired a round into your chest when he extended Obama’s EO giving employment preferences to the LGBT community in the private sector.
He fired a round to your chest when he proposed “border adjustment taxes” (otherwise known as tariffs).
He fired a round to your chest when he agreed with Hillary in the debates, that 2nd Amendment rights should be banned from people on government watch lists without due process.
He fired a round to your chest when he tried to shove Obamacare-Lite down your throat.
And now, he’s fired the lethal round to the chest of conservatism, by declaring Congressional conservatives, and their dedication to their constituents, the enemy.
You can either twist yourselves into pretzels, making excuses for his actions and words in order to justify your vote for him, or you can continue to claim to be conservatives.
But you can’t do both.
Now, let's name names once again. Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham,  Wayne Allen Root, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Conrad Black, will you be addressing this? I don't mean just slipping some off-the-cuff remark into some monologue or column about some other subject.  Or some damn tweet. You'd better devote a communique specifically to this middle finger from this charlatan.

He's burned me permanently with this. There's no credible walking back of this.

I knew this was coming, sooner rather than later.

From tyranny to chaos. That is the story of the new era thus far.


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  2. I feel your pain. Your principles, your pride and your feelings (if you have them) are hurt

  3. You're probably cool though for the mid terms if Trump has anything to say, because, well, there's this foot in his tweets, if not his mouth, nearly every single day. Disapproval ratings are off the charts for the first 1/24th of his dastardly tenure.


  5. RedState, National Review, Ben Shapiro, Mark Levin, Dana Loesch and LITD tried to warn the Stupid Party.