Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I carry no party's water; I remain an immutable-principles guy to the end

I am so glad I no longer consider myself a Republican.

Of course, I'll continue to vote nearly exclusively Republican for the foreseeable future, given that the main alternative is evil and the rest are silly.

But this repeal-and-replace impasse makes me want to throw up.

Consider who is lining up for the House bill and against it.

Against: the good guys and the smart guys:

Heritage Action, Freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity -- three of the biggest groups that Republicans will need to help them whip their right flank into voting for this thing -- have all come out hard against itAvik Roy and Michael Cannon, two of the leading opponents of Obamacare in the policy community, have both panned it. You’re not exactly seeing enthusiastic cheers from the journalists who opposed Affordable Care Act, of which I am one. See? This is me, emphatically not cheering. If such a thing is possible, I am actively failing to cheer.
Squirrel-Hair claims to be open to modifications, but says that has to be done through the amendment process. Like that is going to bring more clarity to the whole enterprise.

And Mike Pence has squandered a great deal of credibility in this matter:

The White House on Tuesday cast the GOP bill as a "work in progress," a sign that changes may be necessary in order to move it through the House. Pence acknowledged that reality by saying as the legislative process goes forward, the GOP plan "is the framework for reform and we are certainly open to improvements and to recommendations in the legislative process."
But he also warned the GOP, "this is the bill" backed by President Trump.
Mitch McConnell seems anxious to have the Senate vote on it.

Nice work, you clowns.

Yes, the cabinet appointments, the reversal of the EPA's tyranny, and the new US tone at the UN are all marvelous developments made possible by last November's election results.

But failing to stand on the side of liberty on this crucial issue would negate those gains.

A whole lot of citizens of this land would feel that there was now truly nowhere for them to go.

I'm not at the point of total hopelessness, but I am at the point of total disgust.

A party that claims to stand for what I stand for and then gets the vapors when it's time to prove it is no party of mine.


  1. Whers you been? Lost in some dream of a free market dictatorship? Thes Pubs have constituents to represent and how do they do that without your declared evil of reasonableness? Try calling other human beings evil to their faces and see how that works.

  2. The ideology that characterizes the Democrat party is evil.

  3. And how long has that been so? Are you saying James Webb, John Glenn, Jimmy Carter (although weak and ineffective, stupid even with that degree in nuclear engineering from the US Naval Academy), Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Walter Mondale, Birch & Evan Bayh, that dad and lad combo from Chitown, the Daly men, Bobby and Jack and even Ted Kennedy, not the Clintons of course, to your ilk, Hubert Humphrey, Harry Truman, et al are evil or embody evil or what? Where do you go to after you die? Where do they go to after they die? Is it your call? At all?

  4. Oh, quit it. You are on record as saying you feel like the party left you. Don't give in to cheap tribal affiliation.

  5. You are correct, sir, but as long as James Webb is a Dem I guess I am. There is indeed a lot of silliness in the party I may have outgrown.

  6. Well, then, let's not take offense when I call out its evil.