Friday, March 3, 2017

Post-America's bitter divide comes to the Scranton YMCA

Why we can't have nice things:

It seems like politics is everywhere these days but one place is now hitting the "off button."
After some near fights, the Greater Scranton YMCA will no longer broadcast the big three 24-hour news networks at its gym.
Just like the political climate in our country there is definitely mixed reaction to the decision to ban CNN, FOX NEWS and MSNBC.
Given the heated discussions that have taken place inside recently, some think the change is needed but others think it is just an over-reaction.
As people worked-up a sweat Wednesday inside the Greater Scranton YMCA, there was no sweating the work going on in Washington, D.C.
On the TV's there was ESPN and The Weather Channel but none of the 24-hour news networks.
They are now banned and people like Chris Wagner like the idea.
"We come here to get de-stressed and we're totally stressed out in this country right now!" Wagner said.
In a letter to members announcing the decision, CEO Trish Fisher says there have been several recent incidents in the gym where political discussions have turned threatening.
One almost ended in a locker-room fight.
"There was one that was broken up by another member that was just about ready to go physical and we've had members step forward saying they've felt a little uncomfortable about the arguments that were going on over the politics," Fisher said.
Fisher says the decision is really about safety.
Shes knows turning off the networks won't stop political conversations but she thinks turning off the news could tone down the rhetoric.
"I think it is probably an over-reaction. There was a lot of arguing going on during the election, protesting and that type of thing but I think it's all gone," David Dimmick said.
Love it or hate it, the ban itself is now even a focal point of debate according to some YMCA members.
"They're all complaining that they think they should keep it and stuff but in my opinion, I think they should remove it because it will stop all the problems, people fighting and that's what the big problem is here," Joshua Worobey of Scranton said.
The CEO of the Greater Scranton YMCA says the response overall so far has been "overwhelming positive."
As of right now, the ban is permanent but if things calm down directors say they could possibly reconsider it.

And it's a little late in the day to just implore the members of that club to knock it off and be civil. This is just where we are now.


  1. This is just where Trish at the SY is now. Have you ever seen more polarization in America in your lifetime? I haven't. It speaks volumes about the level of discourse lowered by the ignorant and insulting rich showman Donald J Trump.

  2. It's been steadily building for 40-plus years

  3. Hmm, you mean since
    The rise of the Religious (judgmental) right?

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  5. Naah, it was since the rise of sin and degradation and uppity Negroes and women and dirty dogs who said hell no we won't go and just kinda wanted to chill out on Gods green earth? What the frig?

  6. You really want these infantile generalizations out there for public consumption?

  7. What I meant was the rise of feminism, environmentalism, the "peace" movement, identity politics as politically enshrined by such phenomena as a Congressional Black Caucus, and the attempt to make abnormal sexual behavior the legitimate subject of some kind of defense of some kind of "rights."

  8. You are wrong about the abnormal part. It is quite normal to them and they did not deserve jail and humiliation for it. And science backs me up on that. And the nigger slaves were treated more poorly than the homos. For centuries. And the historical record backs me up on that. The Congressional black caucus may bee wacky but they are legal and I defend their right to be wacky even when I do not agree with them. And yep, not that there is much public consumption of your blog, but I invite them to give me a shout out. Or even to refuse me service if I want some somewhere they "own."

  9. Homosexuals make up no more than 3 percent off the population. That's statistically abnormal. "Transsexuals" make up less than one percent, by far.

    The Congressional Black Caucus is divisive by its very nature. It is predicated on the notion that a particular racial demographic has public policy interests exclusive to itself.

  10. And who is calling for jail for homosexuals? Let's stick with what is actually happening, shall we?