Friday, August 14, 2015

This confirms it: big thumbs-down on Kasich

Another Pub afflicted with Reasonable Gentleman Syndrome, with applesauce where his testicles should be, who doesn't understand that we are in a war for America's soul:

In fairness to him, grassroots conservatives aren’t his target audience any more than they are Jeb Bush’s. If you’re a moderate who’s looking for someone with executive experience who’s not Jeb, maybe this plays:
In an interview with National Journal, Kasich pledged another atypical tactic: He’s not going to attack any of his opponents—Hillary Clinton included—and will instead focus on offering solutions to the nation’s pressing problems. He lived up to that commitment in his town hall meetings this week, not mentioning Clinton’s name at all and avoiding referencing any of his GOP opponents.
“If I’m talking about someone else, I’m not talking about me. And I would rather them know what my record is and my passion is. So if I’m spending my time attacking other people, that doesn’t get me anywhere. Frankly, it’s not what people want. They want to know: Do you have a record, do you have solutions, can you lead?” Kasich said. “It’s a lot more important for me to cement that down than getting people hooting and hollering.”…
Not only did Kasich avoid talking about Hillary Clinton during the two town halls I attended, he barely mentioned President Obama, either. He regularly reiterates his support for Medicaid expansion in Ohio. He praised Massachusetts’s educational standards as the best in the country while responding to a question about Common Core. On issues ranging from education to transportation to welfare, he bashed the federal government’s ineffectiveness in handling those matters—but championed active statewide government programs in their place.
“He has a track record and an optimism that government can be tamed and shrunk,” said conservative-bashing Kasich advisor John Weaver about a guy who once replied to critics of his Medicaid expansion with, “When you die and get to the meeting with St. Peter, he’s probably not going to ask you much about what you did about keeping government small.” As for amnesty, Kasich makes clear in the clip below that while he’d prefer to avoid a path to citizenship for illegals, he’s not taking anything off the table.

Memo to the squishes: Just go away and quit consuming the oxygen in the room. And, of course, this memo goes quintuple for Donald Trump, who is not a squish, but rather a unique kind of toxic agent.


  1. He is only running for veep anyhow, which he has a good chance at, given his state's importance in the outcome. Prob gonna be Bush-Kachich because of the huge bankroll Bush has accumulated. If I were a Pub I'd to be the one Trump throws his money behind, That could be Hillie too. He's got financial clout even though he's a total lout.

  2. If the public ever forgets that he's rich beyond anyone's imaginings, he's right there to remind it.

  3. Gosh, he sure gives rich people a bad name.