Friday, August 7, 2015

Teri O'Brien has John Kasich's number

She's not having any of the MSM gushing in the debate aftermath:

They swoon for him, especially when he talks about going to a “gay” wedding. The libs at Slate called this crap “gracious and humane.” Let the slobbering begin. 
He prefaced his remarks about going to the wedding with some Joe-Lunchbucket rhetoric about how he's an "old-fashioned guy who believes in traditional marriage." Some deep understanding of Judeo-Christian doctrine right there.

Anyway, Teri makes mincemeat of this SCOTUS-decisions-are-the-permanent-law-of-the-land nonsense, applying it to the Ohio governor:

“The court has ruled and I’ll said we’ll accept it.” The court has ruled? You mean like in Dred Scott, Johnny? You mean like in Plessy v. Ferguson? What are you, an imbecile? 
And she shreds his justification for hopping on the federal gravy train:

Just this morning, when a friend asked me why the Pope is going to meet with the Oprah, I reminded her how the less-intelligent often confuse Christian charity, which is voluntary, with socialism, which puts a gun to one person’s head to steal his stuff to give to someone more “deserving.” Gov. Kasich has been exploiting that lack of intelligence in trying to justify his moronic Medicaid expansion, which he implemented by doing an end run around the legislature. 

One point of departure in my view of the debate and Teri's. She sees Megyn Kelly as smug, while I'm not bothered that she was obviously gunning for Donald Trump, but maybe that's because, hell, I'm gunning for Donald Trump.

My feeling, and it's why I posted earlier about Frank Bruni's NYT column on the debate, is that the questions were tough and fair, and everybody - candidates, handlers and supporters - needs to put on the big-boy and big-girl pants and be ready with Carly Fiorina-good responses.

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