Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday roundup

Reality Winner, the defense-contractor employee who leaked classified documents to The Intercept, is a climate alarmist and supporter of Black Lives Matter, the Women's March and the Islamic Society of North America, in addition to being virulently anti-Trump, per her social media accounts. I submit that anybody with the name "Reality" is highly likely to have a worldview that skews wackily leftward.

Why do even comic-book-superhero movies have to be ideologically charged? Rich Lowry at NRO explores the question.

Why doesn’t she have armpit hair? Summarizing this controversy that erupted when the trailer was released, the New York Times wrote that “the lack of body hair on the female warrior makes us wonder if feminism was swept aside in favor of achieving the ideal female aesthetic.” (The Wonder Woman character has existed for about 75 years — and has never once sported armpit hair.)

Did you know that Gal Gadot is Israeli and served in the Israel Defense Forces? Lebanon certainly noticed. It banned the film. Actress Gina Rodriguez tweeted her disapproval of the ban, then deleted her tweet under internet pressure. Then there are the clashing interpretations of the movie. It’s “a masterpiece of subversive feminism,” according to the Guardian. No, it’s not, according to a writer in Slate, who complains of “its prevailing occupation with the titular heroine’s sex appeal.” 

Bad blood between London's Muslim mayor and DJT. 

80 graphs from 58 new (2017) scientific papers that demonstrate that "there is nothing historically unprecedented or remarkable about today’s climate when viewed in the context of long-term natural variability."


  1. A flick about a super hero chick and global warming. Both open to interpretation. Such is life. Nothing at all to be brashly certain about.

  2. I just wish there were some area of life that the jackboots would leave alone.

  3. In full agreement long term climate cycles do show anything remarkable. Never the less the ice sheets are melting "long term",for now.........? Maybe we a atmosphere exhaust vent?

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