Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday evening roundup

Joseph Bottoms, a professor of cyber-ethics and director of the Classics Institute at Dakota State University has a must-read review at the Washington Free Beacon on Philip Hamburger's new book, The Administrative Threat.

A taste:

This element of the Constitution is what the modern administrative state ignores. We have now a "revival of absolute power," in exactly a way that the Founders would have understood: a use of power that stands outside the constraints of the separation of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches laid out in the Constitution. As Hamburger writes, "Eighteenth-century Americans assumed that a rule could have the obligation of law only if it came from the constitutionally established legislature elected by the people." Twenty-first-century Americans are governed instead by unelected officials who do their own rule-making, their own enforcing, and their own judging.
Kimberly Ross has a great Father's Day piece at Red State  called "Long Live the Patriarchy."

As LITD readers know, this former Never Trumper is now in the camp of let's-assess-each-development-on-its-merits. The abrupt change in Cuba policy is one for the good-move side of the ledger.

If you'd like to consume a feast of clear, deep thinking guided by unwavering principle, sprightly touches of humor, and ah-yes-I-feel-at-home-here humanity, languish a while at the YouTube channel of Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist at the University of Toronto.

How deep is Western civilization rot? This deep:

Currently, the Defense Department is working to meet a July 1 deadline for transgender integration training.
That’s right. It’s not about military readiness. They’re teaching them to bow to the LGBTQ mafia, at the expense of the integrity of our military.
“All of this is an effort to ensure the seamless transition and the full implementation of DoD policy,” said Zenia Boswell, a representative from the Army National Guard’s Personnel Policy Division, in a Thursday press release.
As of July 1, the release went on to say, “a person’s gender status — including being transgender — will no longer be a disqualifying factor from enlisting in the military.”
But it’s more complicated than that, as DoD has not yet finalized a transgender accessions policy. In the meantime, officials said, units are continuing to get training on the existing directive for currently serving soldiers.
To be clear, an indefinite hold was put on transgender admissions, but they’re moving forward, in preparation for what seems to be an anticipated lift.

Folks, that 's why it's accurate to call our nation post-America, even though we're rid of the Most Equal Comrade.

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